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The philosophy behind us

We simply use the freshest flowers without compromise.

For us, quality comes first. In order to guarantee the best result, we chose not to store the flowers for long periods of time by regularly buying fresh flowers. Despite this choice, which works against us, we only want to guarantee the best freshness and the highest quality of flowers for our customers. The beauty starts with freshness.

Elegant and romantic creations with a unique style.

Our bouquets are harmoniously asymmetric. The colours and shapes are chosen with inspiration from the spontaneity of nature. Our style is not like that of others, which is characterised by a symmetry forced by the hand of human beings. The return to nature makes us unique and allows us to create bouquets that touch the heart.

Your bouquet delivered reliably in your hands.

We have carefully developed a packaging method called -Clean Arrival- which guarantees the freshness of the flowers transport given by the transport in water and reduces the leaks to the minimum. This method prevents the bouquet and the packaging from being damaged or spoilt, in order to ensure a pleasant reception.

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